CHI 2018 Montreal, accepted paper

“Using Art as an Insight to Identify Ethical and Sustainability Issues”
Human Food Interaction Workshop – Designing Recipes for Digital Food Lifestyles

Paper Abstract: How to better take into account ethical and sustainability issues in technological innovation and “food culture”? In our opinion, artistic practice is a powerful tool to examine ethical and sustainability dimensions of technological developments. By working with “the collective unconscious” and using a sensitive approach, the artist questions technological developments’ nature and very meaning and therefore appeals to deep user’s motivations. Through this workshop, based on a survey-type experimentation derived from the performance “The Temple Had Oblique Windows”, we indicate how “food” and “lighting” concepts have been fashioned from both an artistic and sustainable innovation perspective. We expose how the confrontation with a panel of users produced complementary results to Ux approaches on innovations “social frameworks of comprehension”.

Jeanne Bloch, choreographer-artist-researcher & sustainability specialist, France
Céline Verchère, Sociologist, CNRS, UMI LN2, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

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