Jeanne Bloch / Contemporary Hope

I am an artist-choreographer and dancer whose interests include embodied knowledge, dance-tech, e-textile, practice based research in the arts, and  performance and philosophy. My work builds on dance and movement, light as matter, electronic textiles and electronic engineering.

I have had a passion for dance and performance since early childhood and have practiced intensively and created performances since then. I have also had a strong interest in ethics and business and have been interested in the concept of  “concrete utopia” which has led me to work with NGOs and corporations on climate change and sustainability. As a result, my artistic work has been infused with ecological and ethical considerations as an opportunity to examine our relationship to ideality.

Along with dance and movement light is key to my art. Light is the perfect metaphoric element at the intersection between heart and matter, the visible and invisible, science and poetry. Low emission lights featured in my performances are embedded into costumes and objects and become perceptible thanks to the movements of dancers or from the audience… 

I have been artist in residence at The Gaité Lyrique (Paris), Stereolux-Arts & Technologies Lab (Nantes), Dance Tech Berlin, the 104 (Paris), Le Centre National de Danse-CND (Paris), Carrefour Numérique-Cité des Sciences (Paris), Shadok (Strasbourg). I have also been involved in arts and science research networks and have been invited to international conferences, summer labs and art schools as a guest speaker. I have thus participated at The University of Michigan, Park City Mathematics Institute Seminar (USA), Colloque inter-universitaire arts-sciences-conquêtes croisées (Lyon), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), ARTEM-Nancy (France), Summer Lab-Imagine 2020 (Portugal), The Year of Light (France), La Faïencerie-théâtre de Creil (France), Computing Human Interaction Conference (CHI Montreal), and The Paris College of Arts. 

Since 2018, I have been an artist in residence at The Ecole Polytechnique Paris’ Arts & Sciences Program. I have also researched and worked on artistic practice as a catalyst for innovation.

Some of my Creations include:

  • Twice Out of Paradise (2014)
  • The Man with a Dove (In situe performance, Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, 2015);
  • The Holy Temple Windows Were Askew! (2017-2020)
  • But Watch Your Mind Enlighten with the Lamp (2019-2020)
  • Light Augmented by Dance (Movement and light ongoing research)


July 20, 2017