CHI 2018 Montreal, accepted paper

« Using Art as an Insight to Identify Ethical and Sustainability Issues »
Human Food Interaction Workshop – Designing Recipes for Digital Food Lifestyles

Paper Abstract: How to better take into account ethical and sustainability issues in technological innovation and « food culture »? In our opinion, artistic practice is a powerful tool to examine ethical and sustainability dimensions of technological developments. By working with “the collective unconscious” and using a sensitive approach, the artist questions technological developments’ nature and very meaning and therefore appeals to deep user’s motivations. Through this workshop, based on a survey-type experimentation derived from the performance “The Temple Had Oblique Windows”, we indicate how « food » and “lighting” concepts have been fashioned from both an artistic and sustainable innovation perspective. We expose how the confrontation with a panel of users produced complementary results to Ux approaches on innovations “social frameworks of comprehension”.

Jeanne Bloch, choreographer-artist-researcher & sustainability specialist, France
Céline Verchère, Sociologist, CNRS, UMI LN2, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

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