Qualitative survey, Cité des Sciences

Contemporary Hope Lab – “Dance and movement as drivers for sustainable innovation”

As part of our research on artists’ contribution to arts-sciences and art-tech collaboration, beyond aesthetics, Jeanne Bloch has been awarded an art-sciences residency at Paris Cité des Sciences (Carrefour Numérique) to be held in December 2017. During this time, the public will have the opportunity to manipulate the lighting objects and garments developed for our dance creation, “The temple had oblique windows” (premiere, fall 2018).

Our research will focus on identifying the specifics brought by the dance and choreographic work to these objects and how the artistic context influenced their development.

In partnership with l’unité mixte CNRS-université de Sherbrooke (Canada) – l’Institut Interdisciplinaire d’Innovation Technologique (3IT) via the sociologist and researcher Céline Verchère participation (link site de Céline).

More information: jeanne@contemporaryhope.dance

Unité mixte internationale -CNRS (UMI-LN2)